2020 EuroShop: Launch of our innovative "moving" LED lighting frames
2019 10th xompany anniversary | development of innovative LED lighting frames
2018 Introduction of proALPHA software | Warehouse No. 2 extended by 40%
2017 EuroShop: Presentation of Concept Pop ups with LED backlight
2016 introduction of the first hybrid car in sales
2015 opening of the high rack warehouse no. 2 with 1000 sqm | first whole container deliveries to partners in germany and the USA
2014 isyexpo celebrates it´s 5th birthday and delivers to customers in 15 european countries
2013 opening of the isyexpo trainingscentre | isyexpo gets accredited apprenticing company by the chamber of industry and commerce
2012 attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certification | expansion of warehouse no. 1 to 900 sqm
2011 participation at leading trade fair “euroshop” in düsseldorf | inauguration of the photovoltaic plant on the company-owned building
2010 move to enlarged offices and use of bigger storage areas
2009 company foundation isyexpo international systems gmbh & co. kg


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