Declaration on ethics and environment


We firmly stand by our responsibility to people, society and environment in our value added chain. In doing so, isyexpo continuously implements the current laws, rules and regulations and voluntary agreements as waste electrical equipment Act§7A take-back concept, (universal declaration of human rights / OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises). On this note, we must add we are not part of a sect or similar group. Generally speaking, we can refuse any order which does not correspond to our moral and ethical principles.


It goes without saying that here at isyexpo we handle our customers with discretion and respect. We acknowledge intellectual and material property rights. Our companies will not allow competition to be influenced by corruption, deception, robbery, fraud, exploitation or price fixing with competitors.


isyexpo handles their partners fairly and cooperatively. Our agreements take into consideration the age of the member of staff, type of work and working conditions. If we observe any deviation from our policies in our regular on-site visits, we set deadlines for these to be corrected and require notification on the changes.


Each and every equally-qualified member of staff is given equal opportunities regardless of nationality, origin, religion, view-of-the-world, age, lifestyle… . Our management are responsible for the propagation of and compliance with our principles to staff, partners, suppliers, as well as customers. All our staff has therefore a duty to comply with our ethical principles and request the same from others.


isyexpo has customers from all over the world. We pay heed to and, respect the variety of cultures as well as ethnic particularities. Regularly we give our support to cultural, charitable and social projects. We do not accept any child labor (UN Convention on the Rights of Children).


We give precedence to durable, reusable and environmentally-friendly products. isyexpo use modern machines and effective processes throughout the whole production cycle to secure a minimum of material use as well as achieving a reduction of our environmental impact. Proactively and continuously we are striving to ensure a reduction of CO² within our production and transport structure.


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