seg® lb12.2

  • Double sided backlit LED display for silicone edge graphic
  • Internal LED bars on top and bottom of the profile –
    perfect protected
  • Freestanding frame with 2 stabilising feet
    made of white plastic, from 2m width with steel side-feet
  • Toolless and quick assembly due to plug and go system
  • Exhibition booth configurations can be implemented
    with various connectors
  • Available in many sizes
  • Set includes frame with 2 stabilising feet and
    LED backlight, horizontal pole and
    bag with foam inlay (from 2 m width with rollable bags)
  • high quality – affordable price – 2-years guarantee

Registered with the ear foundation under WEEE-Reg-Nr. DE 61509579


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For this product we offer fabrics in backlit, blockout, unprinted blockout and dekotex.

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    ProductWidthHeightDepth (without feet)Weight
    85 cm
    lb12-led- 85×20085 cm200 cm12 cm12,1 kg
    lb12-led- 85×22585 cm225 cm12 cm12,7 kg
    lb12-led- 85×25085 cm250 cm12 cm13,3 kg
    100 cm
    lb12-led-100×100100 cm100 cm12 cm9,5 kg
    lb12-led-100×150100 cm150 cm12 cm11,3 kg
    lb12-led-100×200100 cm200 cm12 cm12,6 kg
    lb12-led-100×225100 cm225 cm12 cm13,3 kg
    lb12-led-100×250100 cm250 cm12 cm13,8 kg
    200 cm
    lb12-led-200×200200 cm200 cm12 cm19,4 kg
    lb12-led-200×225200 cm225 cm12 cm20,2 kg
    lb12-led-200×250200 cm250 cm12 cm20,8 kg
    300 cm
    lb12-led-300×200300 cm200 cm12 cm26,5 kg
    lb12-led-300×225300 cm225 cm12 cm27,2 kg
    lb12-led-300×250300 cm250 cm12 cm27,8 kg

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