seg® po16

  • Aluminium pop up system with silicone edge channel bars
  • White powder coated square tube frame
    with stable security locks
  • Usable with LED backlight
  • Continuous groove in the hubs for complete graphic
    for front and sides
  • Ready to use double sided
  • With 2 feet for maximum stability
  • Set includes pop up structure, channel bars for front, sides,
    back, 2 feet, padded rollable bag
  • High quality – affordable price – 5-years guarantee

isy® led-po16

Order additionally to your structure

  • Well-thought-out arrangement of the LED-dots
    for shadow-free illumination
  • Each ladder/field 35 watt (3×3 system = 315W)
  • 1 transformer 120 watt for 3 ladders
  • Easy to mount on the structure
  • Packed in a rollable padded bag
  • Additional packaging units available

Registered with the ear foundation under WEEE-Reg-Nr. DE 61509579


  • 9 mm silicone strip
  • Connector 180° and 90°
  • White power strips for 3 or 4 plugs
  • Bag for print

Digital Print:

For this product we offer fabrics in backlit, blockout, unprinted blockout and dekotex.

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pop up built up
Height 226 cm
13 straight79 cm226 cm32 cm8,5 kg
23 straight152 cm226 cm32 cm11 kg
33 straight226 cm226 cm32 cm14 kg
43 straight299 cm226 cm32 cm16 kg
53 straight373 cm226 cm32 cm20 kg
63 straight446 cm226 cm32 cm23 kg
73 straight519 cm226 cm32 cm26 kg
83 straight593cm226cm32cm28,3kg
Height 300 cm
14 staright79cm299 cm32 cm10 kg
24 straight152 cm299 cm32 cm14 kg
34 straight226 cm299 cm32 cm17 kg
44 straight299 cm299 cm32 cm20 kg
54 straight373 cm299 cm32 cm24 kg
64 straight446 cm299 cm32 cm27 kg
74 straight519 cm299 cm32 cm30 kg
84 straight593 cm299 cm32 cm33 kg
led-set in bag
for 13 straight21 cm85 cm16 cm4,5 kg
for 23 straight38 cm85 cm16 cm8,5 kg
for 33 straight50 cm90 cm16 cm12,5 kg
for 43 straight59 cm100 cm16 cm16,4 kg

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